ERS Services
ERS provides its clients with a full range of employee screening services so you can make the right choice for each of your hiring decisions.


Employment History
To compile this history, ERS will contact previous employers, including former supervisors. The information obtained by the interviewer includes but is not limited to:

  • Position
  • Dates of employment
  • Salary
  • Eligibility to be rehired
  • Work performance
  • Productivity
  • Attitude
  • Communication skills
  • Attendance
  • Reasons for termination

ERS will also obtain any specific information requested by our client.
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Employment - Military
ERS will verify military branch, dates of service, pay grade, title and honorable discharge status.
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ERS verifies the candidates degree(s) earned and the date of acquisition(s). Information obtained includes dates of attendance, grade point average (where available) and degree earned at the designated institution. If the individual did not graduate a confirmation of credits earned will be verified. ERS will also verify a GED if no diploma has been received.
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Personal/Professional Reference
Former supervisors, former co-workers or friends are contacted for a comprehensive interview, which covers several topics including but is not limited to:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability
  • Special skills or abilities
  • Attitude
  • Reputation and integrity
  • Job performance
  • Ability to work with fellow employees and supervisors

ERS professionals will also ask specific questions furnished by our clients during the interview process.
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Professional License and Certificate Verification
ERS provides verification of an individual's professional license or certification, the issuing state or agency, date it was acquired and the expiration date.
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Felony and Misdemeanor Convictions
Most negligent hiring or retention suits rest on the past history of criminal behavior, making this one of our most important client services. ERS will conduct a county or state search of public records in the indices where the individual has lived, worked and/or attended school within the past seven years, using all names provided by the applicant or listed on the social security trace.
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Federal Convictions
Federal crimes will not appear in a county or state felony and misdemeanor court record search. Federal searches generally involve serious offenses such as embezzlement, mail fraud, robbery, drug trafficking and kidnapping.
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Nationwide Criminal Search
This is a supplemental service to ERS' criminal records search. The Nationwide Criminal Search accesses a proprietary criminal database to seek out convictions in states where the applicant had no previous address history. This is a search against records collected from various counties and states, including state Department of Corrections and county criminal court records. It should be noted that not all states and counties contribute to this database.
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Sex Offender Search
ERS provides a complimentary search of sex offender records in all states where a criminal search is conducted. A search of the National Sex Offender Registry can be conducted at an additional cost and includes records from 42 states, (38 states include photographs).
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International Criminal Search
ERS has the ability to obtain criminal records from 165 countries worldwide, with the exception of Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
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Social Security Trace

ERS will perform National Social Security Search which will reveal the last known sixteen (16) addresses where the candidate has lived and/or worked, as well as other alias used by the candidate. It will also determine the use of a retired or faulty social security number. This is an essential component to a proper criminal history investigation and is a recommended service for clients.
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Motor Vehicle License Report

ERS will report on the applicant's current driving history and status of the license in any State for your review. This service is recommended for anyone driving a company owned vehicles, in the capacity of chauffeuring or operating heavy equipment machinery. The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires employers to obtain a Motor Vehicle Report on all drivers upon hire and to update it annually.
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Worker's Compensation

ERS reviews compensation claims filed by the individual (in states where available). A Worker's Compensation review will allow an employer to place an individual into a position best suited to their physical abilities. These records usually indicate the type of claim, when the claim was filed and the employer on record at the time of the claim. This is a post-offer service and must be used in compliance with ADA guidelines.
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Credit Reports

A credit report can offer insight into a candidate's financial track record, management of personal affairs and show if the candidate is under financial stress. ERS' employment credit report displays confirmation of name, address, social security number, and employment history (when available). An employment credit report also identifies garnishments, bankruptcies, judgments and liens. ERS also offers credit reports for the tenant screening process.
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Drug Screening

ERS arranges for a DOT and Non-DOT drug-screening program to test for illegal use of drugs. These tests are conducted by a NIDA certified national laboratory with full control of samples from delivery to final report. Blood alcohol tests are also available
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Immigration Department

ERS verifies if a non-citizen is legally authorized to work in the United States and the status of a non-citizen's green card. This information is obtained directly from the United States Immigration Department. This is a post-offer service and requires a completed I9 form.
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OIG / GSA / SDN / OFAC Exclusion /

Homeland Security Search

The Social Security Act provides the authority to exclude health care providers, individuals, and businesses who have engaged in fraud or abuse from receiving payment for services under Medicare, Medicaid and other Federal health care programs. It is the employers responsibility to check the lists from the OIG, GSA and SDN programs to ensure that no payments or costs are being submitted for employees, physicians, consultants or businesses that have been excluded or sanctioned.
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OIG/Office of Inspector General
ERS works directly through the Office of Inspector General to verify if a candidate is excluded from participating in Federal health care programs.
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GSA/General Services Administration
ERS will verify through the General Services Administration if a candidate has been excluded throughout the U.S. Government (unless otherwise noted) from receiving Federal contracts or certain subcontracts and from certain types of Federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits.
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SDN/Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Person
The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces trade sanctions, based on US foreign policy and national security goals. ERS will verify your candidate is not on this watch list.
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Homeland Security Search
This all encompassing investigation takes the OFAC search to the next level, bringing your screening to the compliance level that your organization requires. To achieve this, ERS will conduct a search that includes 45 different National and International Terrorist and Fugitive Lists.
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